The CB90 MK2 is an advanced design development, of the original CB90 boat design, a class of fast military assault craft originally developed for the Swedish Navy by DOCKSTAVARVET.

Accordingly it is an exceptional, high speed, agile boat that can execute extremely sharp turns at very high speed. With its light weight but robust design, shallow draught, and twin waterjets, this boat is designed to operate at speeds of up to 45 knots in shallow coastal waters. Many variants of this design are currently in service with the Swedish Navy, Norway, Greece, Mexico, Malaysia and is now available to be built under license in Turkey exclusively by Ares Shipyard.

Length Overall : 15.90 m (17.50 m version available)
Beam : 3.80 m
Hull Draught : 1.05 m
Displacement : 20 Tons
Max. Speed : 42+ Knots
Construction Material : Aluminium Alloy
Classification / Survey : BV, TL / High Speed Naval Craft
Built under license from Dockstavarvet AB

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